The Redneck Picker Cool 1964 Ford Squire Wagon Cops Surf Dog Improve Your Parking Meters COMING SOONER!! Hey peeps! I had to upload this video twice!! I forgot to put the cool funny dog in the end!! OOPS! It’ way past my bedtime!! We bought a couple of old parking meter heads. Going to refurbish them and get them ready for the Long Beach Continue reading

Redneck Picker My Brand New Sooner Hat! WOOT! Hitting a Storage Auction and A Pick! COMING SOON! Thank you for all the nice comments on my old Pickin Pal!! I truly miss him. His replacement came today. I hope the new one lives up to my expectations! I’m going to break in my new hat today on a couple of estate sales, a pick Continue reading

The Redneck Picker RIP Picker Memorial Eulogy Service Saying Goodbye To My Trusty Companion Please stop in and pay your respects with a comment please. I know he has done his best to help some of you. If you liked my Sooner Hat, please hit the like button. Sometimes you just have to let go. If he was a horse I would have Continue reading

Redneck Picker Tip Of The Day! Keep Your Ear To The Ground!

theredneckpicker is coming SOON! Pickers should always be paying attention to what is going on around you at all times. If you are going to step up your game, you had better use this method! Being a Picker is the perfect way to augment your storage auction buyer bad days!Thank Continue reading

Swap Meet Partner Kass The Kool Kentucky Kowboy The Redneck Pickers Having Fun

Website coming soon! New and improved! Just having a little fun with my new picking partner Kass. Please give him a warm welcome. He is one Kook Kat!! We will be shooting some more picking and swap meet videos soon. We meet all kinds of crazy characters at the Continue reading

Swap Meets A MUST Pickers Or Storage Unit Buyers Meet My Partner Kass! Sub Email Q!

COMING SOON!! The site is new and improved! It sure looks a lot better!! Meet my new partner Kass. He is a Kool Krusty Kowboy! Be looking out for our new YouTube channel. We are gonna take our show on the road! Here is a look at our booth. Continue reading

Lazy Dog In A Basket At The Swap Meet Flea Market

Visit http and hey peeps just a trip to Kobeys Swap Meet in San Diego! Thanks and a big shout out to Anthony for letting me film there!! Thanks to Dave Hester Jr. (this kid has got game) for taking a few minutes out of his day for Continue reading

American Pickers Go To The Goodwill Store! EXPAND! Redneck Picker Don’t Shop There NO MO!

hey peeps..hope everyone is good out there!! saw this article this morning from yesterday about american pickers stopping in..holy all think it’s bad now..JUST’s going to get worse!! better get on your picker game…hustle hustle hustle! I went to a stoarge auction the other day and watched a Continue reading

Storage Unit Picker Buyer Kobeys Swap Meet Seller Ebay Income Storage Treasures

hey peeps..i shot a ton of video while out on the street last is a quick interview of a picker/storage unit unit buyers need to be pickers too sometimes! This guy had a lot to say off camera. He is a very sharp guy and had some GREAT Continue reading

Thrift Stores Posting EBAY Prices! Be A Redneck Picker! Better Have A Plan Stan! Be Proactive!

hey peeps!..yes i shot a boatload of video in the last 3 days… it’s getting ugly out there!! what are you gonna do? make a plan? get creative? think outside the box? work smarter? OR are you gonna just “wish” it would all go back to the way it was? Continue reading

Storage Auction Buyer Redneck Picker Rant Stop Complaining About Your Competition! RP UNCUT!

hey peeps..i really had to get this off my chest..SORRY IN ADVANCE TO PREACHER PICKER!!!..:).i shot this after i pulled the u turn..i’m sick and tired of hearing everyone GRIPE about TV shows, competitors, rookies blah blah blah..NEGATIVITY will bring you down!!!..Be Positive!!…think outside the box!! STEP UP!! Do things Continue reading

Keep In Touch With Your People In Your Network! Redneck Picker Missed The Boat! CRAP!

hey peeps…just a quick message about keeping in touch with your peeps in your i dropped the ball and it cost me money!! FAIL! I missed out on picker heaven on earth for silver, gold, pocket watches and more!! The sale i drove up to is one from a Continue reading

Storage Auction Unit Buy Killer Totes Baskets 8mm Home Movies Wii Airsoft Picker

hey peeps..bought a unit the other day..CL deal..lady had it advertised..she needed to i put here out of her pain…sorry the video quality STINKS..i had just edited this for training purposes…but here is the pile…Thank God and keep your head on a swivel! I want to thank everyone who Continue reading