Metal Detecting UK (286) XP Deus – A Victorian Silver Four Pence Groat Coin

Today I finished off the paddock looking for gold .. didn’t find any .. but found some interesting goodies .. including a silver Victorian Four Pence coin .. I got caught in a hailstorm but really the only glitch with the hunt was this “brilliant” Kodak camera dropping out video Continue reading

Metal Detecting UK (258) XP Deus – A Silver Horse Rosette

I started work in ernest on my new sites … completely different to the other side of the hill with not a Georgian coin in sight … and finds were few and far between … but I did manage a hammered and a silver horse rosette decoration … a good Continue reading

Metal Detecting UK (171) Viking V6 – XP Deus – My Silver Finds

My Silver finds from April 19th to November 8th 2011 using a Viking V6 and an XP Deus metal detector… on my new video camera … comments invited … GL & HH … the earring is a Vivienne Westwood silver drop earring.

Metal Detecting UK (167) XP Deus – Three more Georgian and Silver

With my desire to find Georgian Silver I am drawn back to the place where I have found Georgian before … and add three more Georgian Half Pennies to the collection … and three bronze buckles … and a Georgian silver 3d … well it was a George V ….LOL

Awesome Metal Detecting Hunt – Coins Galore with my Etrac

My new favorite site. 51 coins this time, with 5 silver, plus a half sixpence. All the silver was in great condition too which is a big bonus. The coin from 1737 is a “1 öre sm Stockholm, 1737” from Sweden. Thanks to viewers for that identification. Machine used was Continue reading

Awesome Quick Hunt with Minelab Etrac Metal Detector

I had a spare couple of hours so took myself to Hexhamshire. Since it was near the battle of Hexham (1464) and very little is known about the battle, I had hoped to find something historic since the detecting site was near a drovers road and ford. What I found Continue reading

Typical UK Metal Detecting Finds – Ploughed Fields in North Yorkshire

Aaargh! I say George 6th – its a George 3rd shilling…One days detecting finds from a farm in North Yorkshire. It is a typical cross section of what comes up in fields which have been worked for many years with finds spanning many hundreds of years. The one obvious thing Continue reading