Kentucky Diggin’ 23

I managed to dig six silver dimes and an assortment of other coins at the site of a 1960’s school.

Kentucky Diggin’ 22 – “Shooter Gets a New Hunting Buddy”

A compilation of several short hunts over the past few weeks.

Kentucky Diggin 21 – “Washington Liberated!”

This is a video of two brief hunts on a new site. A few buttons and relics, topped off by a George Washington! Quarter, that is …

Kentucky Diggin’ 20 – “Eagles, Eagles Everywhere!”

Found a couple of Yankee Eagles this week!

Kentucky Diggin’ 19 – “My First Shield Nickel”

Kentucky Diggin’ 18 – ” No … I’m Not Dead … Yet”

My busy life as a pastor makes it very difficult to find time to hunt during the summer months. This is a compilation video of several hunts over the past few months.

Kentucky Diggin’ 17 – “Breaking In A Rookie”

I took my good buddy, Robert, on his first-ever metal detecting hunt. We were swinging at an older church in our community that has relocated. There was also an 1800’s house on the property prior to the church being built. And wouldn’t you know it??? Robert dug silver on his Continue reading

Kentucky Diggin’ 16 – “Back in the Silver”

A compilation of hunts over the past two weeks …

Kentucky Diggin’ 15 – “1890’s Indians”

A “hunted” out spots yields a couple of green ladies from the 1890’s!

Kentucky Diggin’ 14 – “New York Militia Civil War Button!”

I dug today at an abandoned house lot in my town. I never imagined that I would dig a 150 year-old Civil War button!

Kentucky Diggin’ 13 – “Nuttin’ But Buttons…”

I returned to the potential Civil War site with a couple of friends. We looked long and hard for the heart of a camp site, but all we could seem to find was flat buttons and a little lead. No ground-breaking finds here, but we still had lots of fun!

Kentucky Diggin’ 12 – “Surprise Civil War Site”

I took my friend, Kevin, with me today to introduce him to detecting. We thought we were hunting an old home site, then a church/school. But what we found was shocking evidence of Civil War activity!

Kentucky Diggin’ 11 – “Eagle Button and Cut Spanish Silver”

I hunted an old homesite adjacent to a Civil War skirmish site with my detecting buddy, Western Kentucky Digger. It was an awesum hunt, with two big “firsts” for me!