Fisher F75 scores! (uncensored)

I am using a Fisher Gold Bug Pro DP, my friend is using a Fisher F75 *Contains a little bit of adult language from excitement* Title says it all! See link, pretty cool

Relic Hunt’n Goldings Farm w/ F75 & Gold Bug pro 12/08/2011

Me and Chris head back to my new favorite spot, not sure what happened to the rain that was forecast but it must have went somewhere else. This site may be older than I thought.

Relic Hunt’n The Battle Of Goldings Farm 11/28/2011

“The Battle of Garnett’s and Golding’s Farms took place on June 27 and June 28, 1862, in Henrico County, Virginia, as part of the Seven Days Battles (Peninsula Campaign) of the American Civil War. While battle raged north of the Chickahominy River at Gaines’ Mill on June 27, Confederate Brig. Continue reading