Metal Detecting Abandoned Railway Junction: Garrett ATPro: Garrett GTI-2500.

We visit the site of an abandoned junction station (1901-1926) where the 3’6″ Government line interchanged with an extensive 2’0″ narrow gauge network which serviced tin mines and smelters in rugged mountainous countryside. No spectacular finds, but we though you may enjoy a little of the history and our day Continue reading

Metal Detecting Goldfields Relics II: Victorian Silver: Garrett AT Pro: GTI-2500.

Part II: Our continuing adventure at an 1876 North Queensland Goldfields site, where we discover some more goldfield relics left behind by the ‘Old Timers’, including more Victorian silver, this time a beautiful little sixpence that has been through many, many, hands long ago! The hunt also turns up a Continue reading

2.5 Men go Coin Shooting (Again)

Another trip to my coin shooting and old pasture site. We try to repeat the triumph of the last hunt where we found hammered silver coins and a ring but this time it was not so productive. I didn’t even think we were going to get a silver coin between Continue reading

Metal Detecting & Exploring Cellar Holes on the Old Barn Road

Metal detecting hunts from April 14-15.

2.5 Men Go Coin Shooting

Great coinshooting session with a Garrett Euro Ace, Deeptech Vista Gold and Minelab Etrac. Since I had only just received the Vista Gold, I made the mistake of not reading the user instructions so I didn’t have the machine set up properly, causing lots of falsing and jumpy signals which Continue reading

Metal Detecting & Gold Cradling: Goldfields Relics: Victorian Silver: Garrett AT Pro.

Part I: We make a visit to an 1876 North Queensland Goldfields site, where we try our hand at some fine gold prospecting the old fashioned way with a replica 19th Century Gold Cradle (rocker box), while Mrs NQ hunts the creeks with her AT Pro. Not much gold to Continue reading

Garrett Ace 150 Box Cover from Pro-tectors

Simple and effective control box cover for the Garrett Ace 150, 250, 350 and Euro Ace metal detectors. Manufactured and distributed by Pro-tectors. I also have a full set of protectors for my Minelab Etrac which allows me to keep detecting in rainy weather without fear of damaging the Continue reading

Metal Detecting,SILVER DAY, but not by me!

Yeah if you watched jacksquats version they are the same finds but here is my take of the day.

Michigan Metal Detecting Silver Hunting

Hi Everyone .. here is a video of my last two hunts. Happy Hunting ! Dave

Michigan Silver Digs With The Minelab E Trac

Here are two videos from April 1 , and March 31, both hunts were from the same location. This area has produced some nice silver finds with the E Trac. Thanks for watching and best of luck on your next hunt. Happy Hunting ! Dave

Exploring a Coastal Maine Brick Yard

This is a video of me exploring an old brick yard near my home. I didn’t find much but I had a great first day of my 2012 metal detecting season! *The brick yard dates back to the 1870’s but a lot of the land has been dug up or Continue reading

Recovering Relics – Metal Detecting – The War of 1812 Massachusetts Button

On March 10, 2012 I went metal detecting at my neighbor’s house that was built in 1695. I had first planned to hike back into the woods in search of an old teepee where I found a musket ball a few years before. I wasn’t finding too much, so I Continue reading

Great Coin Shooting With Minelab Etrac – More Silver

A great short session. There had been no rain for about 2 months so the ground was bone dry – not ideal for finding deep coins but a few silvers were dug. All were in great condition. I didn’t find mush on the previous dig which was a ploughed field Continue reading