Civil War Hunt -old silver & a nice button

“Baby” US belt buckle!

hit a new spot today with Coach Croft and we both made some good finds

Civil War camp hunt.. More Old silver and a Kepi Letter!

This was my 3rd trip to this backyard.. turned out to be the best hunt of the three quality-wise.

Relic Hunt’n The Battle of Seven Pines 11/30/2011

Short hunt today, battery went dead ,changed the battery and that went dead also (must have brought a bad battery with me) Did get a few good finds with the Gold Bug, a first for me.

Relic Hunt’n The Battle of Seven Pines 11/26/2011

Got a few goodies on this hunt using a Gold Bug Pro DP, hunting the Battle of Seven Pines VA First 2 clips from a few days before.