Metal Detecting UK (362) XP Deus – My Discrimination Vindication

The rain has stopped .. so eager to get out that I forget my pin pointer .. ouch .. after miles and miles of lush grass fields I settle for a local park .. and even that had not been mown … I had previously cleaned this park of about Continue reading

Metal Detecting UK (246) XP Deus – Discriminating Silver & Gold

The weather is wet wet wet … gives me a chance to sort out this new camera that Gary, aka pjbassturd, sent me … thanks mate .. you’re a star * … after that surprisingly low number on the Deus for a gold half sovereign I thought we might have Continue reading

Metal Detecting UK (245) XP Deus – Just Checking on Old Sites

Today I did some checking on old sites to ensure that I hadn’t missed out on any gold items by ignoring low numbers on previous hunts … and I had missed … one half penny and a load of junkite … phew … LOL … personally I am not going Continue reading