Metal Detecting UK (276) XP Deus – A Bagpipe Playing Golliwog Badge

I had a good hunt today on an old time site with a large variety of different finds .. best find … a Scottish Golliwog playing the bagpipes …

Metal Detecting with Pulltab Pirate – Silvers, Wheats and a Few Neat Relics.mp4

This was a series of 4 hunts over about 12 hours. Got a few cool finds though it was a ton of digging! Hope you enjoy, HH!!

Yard Sale Mania Show Antique Steamer Trunks

At our visit to Empire Antiques Gene was nice enough to give a great lesson on old steamer trunks. Learning how they got made and what it takes to restore one. In his 30 years in the business he explains every part and some history on the 100 year old Continue reading