Pennies Pennies Everywhere and Not A One to Save

Sorting for copper cents creates a problem – what to do with the post ’82 cents.


Boredom on a rainy day paid off.

How to Get Serious About Saving Copper Cents

Hand sorting US pennies for pre 1982 copper can take a long time even if you’ve become good at it. There are advantages to hand sorting – mainly you can pick out the errors and wheat cents. I’m more interested in quanity than quality. That is why I just bought Continue reading

Metal Detecting UK (258) XP Deus – A Silver Horse Rosette

I started work in ernest on my new sites … completely different to the other side of the hill with not a Georgian coin in sight … and finds were few and far between … but I did manage a hammered and a silver horse rosette decoration … a good Continue reading

Metal detecting the drovers field with finds

My day out metal detecting the drovers field at the 900 acre mansion site. found some nice finds to research including a strange bronze hook shaped artefact, hope to get another video up soon. HH everyone

Recovering Relics – Metal Detecting – The US Air Force Button Spill

In late January through the early part of February I did a lot of metal detecting with my new Whites MXT. For the most part I detected in my front and back yard. I was surprised to see how much my other two detectors missed and how much the MXT Continue reading

Grizzly Relic & Treasure-Minnesota Winter’s Back

Snow is so beautiful when it first falls, fresh and picturesque. I was so glad I was able to get out yesterday, and the snow is moisture we really needed. It also gives me much needed time to research, write and work on the promotional items. So it is a Continue reading

“Vintage” macbook 13.3

MacBook comes back to life! New hard drive info.