Metal Detecting UK (244) XP Deus – Saving The Best Until Last – Gold

Back and forth … back and forth …. back and forth … for three days covering every inch of a large field to assess my rules for where to find things … monotanous mind numbing trudge with only the occasional goodie to perk the spirits and then … five feet Continue reading

Wood Marquetry Pictures

Marquetry is the art of inlaying different woods and other natural materials to create a picture. To inlay is to set a material onto another surface, but recessed in so that inlayed material is at the same level as the surface. Most of the time the inlayed material is wood Continue reading

Temerity Magazine Promo: Treasure Hunting, RedNeckPicker, YardSaleCzarina, Terminal99,

Check out my article, “Goodwill Treasure Hunting” in the February, 2012 issue of Temerity magazine!