Temerity Magazine is now in Ohio, slowly getting our footing

Bonnie Doon Homestead Barn


Well, this move almost killed us.  Yet, we arrived safely here in Leesburg, Ohio and we are excited by the potential we are finding here in our Bonnie Doon Homestead.  Once the dust settles here, I pray we will be up and Grizzly once again here.  Until then please catch up with our videos on Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/GrizzlyGroundswell


Temerity Magazine heads to Ohio

Grizzly BackyardMichelle and I are heading to historic Ohio, USA this Fall and Temerity Magazine is coming with us!  Give us a season to get re-established and we should have a quality product for your enjoyment soon after!  Thanks again to all of you for all the great support!

Chad Everson

Rocket Stove Bloopers “Goose is givin’ me Hell!”#2a-Grizzly Relic & Treasure

It is not always easy filming a video amongst the feathers and paws we surround ourselves with in the Grizzly Backyard and Dream Fulfilled Homestead. Today the Goose was giving me hell.

Grizzly Rocket Stove & Mass Heater Teardown #3-Grizzly Relic & Treasure

This is so much fun. It is funny, this is the kind of stuff I enjoyed as a child and now almost 44 I am still a kid at heart trying to figure this fire lady out. This “J” tube Rocket Stove is really effective, but in the Continue reading

Grizzly Rocket Stove Mass Heater for Greenhouse-Grizzly Relic & Treasure

It started with a need to bring my kitchen outdoors during canning season. I searched YouTube and found this rocket stove design. Now with a Greenhouse on order I am playing with the idea of this rocket stove heating mass to keep it warm in our winters with Continue reading

Plums and a curious vine find-Grizzly Relic & Treasure

I found this curious vine find when I went to find the old plum tree the land owner had told me about. I am still not sure what it is as I have not had time to do the research. If you have an idea shoot it in Continue reading

Old growth MN Forest- Grizzly Relic & Treasure

There are places on my hunt sites that have not been touched by man in a couple hundred coon’s age! Here is a little romp through a little piece of this paradise. I used my GoPro Hero3 silver edition with my chesty. The downed trees were taken Continue reading

Freedom and Joy-Grizzly Relic & Treasure

September 18th has come and gone and the production exclusivity agreement with LionTV has thankfully ran it’s course. It is a shame that it did not work out but I am excited about what I have the freedom to undertake now. It is going to take some time Continue reading

September 18th, 2013 is going to be a great day!

They say loose lips sink ships and I do believe them! I will have to wait until the 18th here to fill you in on the ins and outs of what is up and coming.

Welcome to Grizzly Groundswell YouTube Channel Aug 2013

Grizzly Groundswell YouTube Channel is all about one man’s quest to hunt relic and treasure in his Grizzly Backyard. Join Chad T. Everson in each video to get your relic and treasure hunting fix, learn something new or just escape from your world into mine even if it is Continue reading

Oliver Jewel Breaker Walking Plow and Pole Barn Project-Grizzly Backyard

Pole Barn project is coming along and I introduce you to my Oliver Jewel Breaker Walking Plow that is the pride of my Agricultural History collection.

Rural Heritage Magazine http://www.ruralheritage.com
The issue that Sam Moore assisted me in figuring out Continue reading

Code on junk finds lead to lay lines- Grizzly Relic & Treasure

For those paying attention, I am trying to give you the “howto’s” to tracking cache sites in your own Grizzly Backyard.

wood wedge Lay Line-Grizzly Relic & Treasure

Tickled I found this wood wedge with code on this lay line!